We specialise in residential design

Sometimes our clients just want quick advice about a potential property purchase, with a pre-purchase inspection or a feasibility study; most of the time they need full service design, documentation and project administration. We’re comfortable with both, and everything in between, but our best work takes time, and the best built results are when we’re engaged to prepare a Needs & Options Review to establish the project framework before we begin design work.

The transformation of our home is unbelievable. We both can honestly describe the end result as ‘gorgeous’. We would be proud to recommend Peter to any prospective client.

Gerry and Christine Scanlon· Pyrmont

Pre-purchase Advice

When considering the purchase of a new home or piece of property wouldn’t it be nice to know if your investment will be future-proof?

We are available to provide quick consultation on what’s possible within the given constraints of a property. This helps you have the confidence that the purchase will be right for you today, as well as tomorrow when your needs change.

We use our familiarity with design, construction and council codes to give you an early warning about potential risks and are always on the look out for possibilities.

The project started when he accompanied me looking at houses to buy. Peter helped me select a nondescript house which with his skills and expertise had the potential to be light and bright and a great home to live in. Peter’s design fulfilled that vision and I now live in a home which also has a “wow” factor.

Robert Savage· McMahons Point

Full Design Services

The Needs & Options Review is the risk-free way to start your project; it establishes the project framework based on your needs and wants, your budget and program.

We propose a range of services for Design, Approval (Development Application) and Documentation (Construction Certificate Application) stages, adaptable to specific client needs. There can be a few different ways of proceeding, with more design alternatives, or fewer; it is important to provide options for our clients, so that you can make an informed decision.

We used Peter not only to design our home but to also supervise the construction work carried out by the builders.

Sonja Marsic and Mehrdad Jafari· Glebe

For what happens after the Needs & Options Review, see our Process page.

Will we be meeting directly with the person who is working on the project?

Yes, you will have direct meetings and discussions with the Director and relevant staff members throughout the design & construction stages.

Will there be other consultants involved in our project & are their fees included in your fee?

Yes, there will be other consultants involved, including and not limited to Land Surveyor, Structural Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Hydraulic Engineer and Landscape Designer. They may be involved at different stages of the project, and not all of them are involved in every project. We will be able to advise you when their services are needed. No consultant’s fees are included in our fee; we will obtain quotes on your behalf from the consultants, assist in the selection process and provide instructions.

Are interior design fees separate?

We document all the kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes and joinery, and specify the finishes throughout; that side of the interior design is included in our fees. Beyond that however, some clients have found interior designers helpful with soft furnishings such as blinds and fabrics for lounges.

If the scope of the project changes, will there be additional fees?

We look at the project in a holistic sense, so most minor changes can be accommodated within the fee structure. However, if you choose to amend the application after council approval, or if there is a significant amount of drawing and coordination work as a result of a change of scope, there will be additional fees. Should anything like that arise we would talk to you first and agree on what was reasonable depending on the circumstance. 

What is your role during the negotiation with the builder?

We organise the tender process. We answer any questions during the tender period.  When the prices are submitted, we go through them and make sure they are comparable and that nothing have been left out. We make sure that the builders have not misunderstood the information provided, that may result in it being over- or drastically under-priced. We provide you with a spreadsheet to compare the prices, but the final decision is yours.

What services can you provide during the construction of our project?

Our job is to make sure you get what you’ve paid for, that the design intent is followed. We are in daily communication with the builder, and visit the site as required. This usually works out at about once a fortnight. We answer all questions, provide any additional details as required, and provide any information that is requested.

If you administer the building contract for us, how often do you go on site to check the work?

Usually we go as required. This varies according to the stage of work – less for the excavation stage, more often when the joinery and lighting needs detailed answers – the amount of work that has been done since we were last onsite, and the number of questions that need a response. On average it is about once a fortnight. We are in constant communication by phone and email to builders and tradesmen, and respond promptly to their questions. We have positive feedback from builders about our contract administration during the construction phase.


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