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Designing relationships

When we design homes we are designing relationships

House-at-Mosman_Courtyard-1We establish a good relationship between your house, its site, and its neighbours.

We improve the relationships between the people in the house and the daylight, breezes and outlook available from your site.

We refine the relationships between the people within your house, by making sure that the rooms are well located, well proportioned and well laid out, are well insulated from heat and cold, and are, of course, beautiful.

Mosman1_sm2We also consider the house’s relationship with the future, how it will be used in the years to come, how it uses energy and how it will last.

Architecture is about making life better. It is concerned with how we should live and what we should live for – the good life.
If you would like to improve your relationships around the house, call us to talk about your project

by Peter Hill