This corner shop in Sydney’s Inner West, in the Balmain heritage conservation area, had long ago been converted to a residence, but the internal amenity was poor.  The main problem was how to add an extra level to the shop-house that will greatly improve the living conditions inside, with minimal impact on the heritage streetscape and the neighbouring property.
This project opened the ground floor living spaces to the rear courtyard and carefully enlarged windows to the north to draw sunlight into the interior while protecting openings from the views of passersby on the adjacent footpath. A first floor balcony marks the break between the old building and the new, and manages to catch glimpses of the harbour view.

In the words of our client:

The end result is a lovely building that not only suits my requirements but also has lasting visual appeal. I am particularly happy with the street presence and general feeling of light and spaciousness from within the building.

Partial services to CC documentation only.
Construction by owner/ builder.

Photography by Andrew Turner.