A lot of the time, architecture is about problem solving – but it has to be elegant, and done in a beautiful way. The problem that needed to be solved for this renovation in Sydney’s Inner West, in Glebe, was how to add new living spaces, a new bedroom suite and space for two cars to a single-storey house in a heritage conservation area.

The new addition is a ‘stealth addition’ – it is not to be seen from the street – so the three-storey addition has to step down the site so it is hidden from view by the existing roof.  The rear lane is one full level below the street front, so the garage roof can provide a terrace for the living room, while the bedroom above the living room presents as an attic, effectively within the roof .

In the words of our clients:

Peter ensured that the entire council approval process was speedy and stress-free… We would highly recommend Peter to prospective clients who are after an individualised detailed approach to designing their ideal home.

Development Approval 2013 Completion from DA drawings (Internal details by builder & owners) 2014