Before our involvement this small one-bedroom house in Pyrmont had suffered badly: one recent renovation had been done without approval and was stopped by council; the next was stopped when the project manager – taking advantage of the fact that the clients were out of town for a long period – walked away with the money he was supposed to be building with.

We were confronted with a tiny house that was poorly arranged, with dark rooms that had no connection to the outside – the bathroom and kitchen were in the wrong locations and there was very poor daylight and air – and clients who had very little money due to their earlier mis-steps.

We proposed to renovate the back of the house through the introduction of two small courtyards that drew light and air into the house. The kitchen and bathroom were brought into the middle of the floor plan, allowing the living room to open to a small outside space. The house is still modest and the floor plan remains small, but the quality of life has been greatly improved.

In the words of the clients:

We cannot speak highly enough of Peter’s professionalism and commitment to us and our house… We both can honestly describe the end result as ‘gorgeous’