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Starting work on another project in Glebe

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We are starting design work on another new project in Glebe – alterations and additions to a house at the end of a single storey row. It was originally a shop, then a restaurant, and now our clients want to renovate the badly broken building to become their family home. It is situated at the edge of the commercial zone, across a laneway from the back end of a pub and shops. The other side is the row of terraces, and across the road at the front is a row of two storey terraces. At the rear is the old Children’s’ Court, which is set for redevelopment – we are expecting some quite big residential buildings on this side. The site context is rather complicated: an area between commercial and residential, a transition between low-scale old buildings, newer, well-established buildings of a larger commercial scale, and what is likely to come soon, some much larger multi-residential buildings. We feel the sketch design for their family home is a good response to the busy neighbourhood.