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Starting work in Burwood

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We are starting design work on a new project in Burwood – well, Burwood Heights really – an addition to an old timber cottage. The site is an irregular shape as the result of an earlier subdivision. The house is no significant heritage item, nor is it in a heritage conservation area, but there are still tight constraints due to the site’s shape – an upstairs addition has to be squeezed into the side and rear setbacks required by council, as well as be set far enough from the street front to work happily with the traditional hipped roof over the main part of the house.Burwood_street

These drawings are a couple of sketch designs. We haven’t moved further for a while as the clients are taking their time considering the cost implications. The renovations will hugely improve the way their family uses the house, but does it warrant the cost? Only they can decide that.

Update: the clients decided to not move ahead with the project.